Code of conduct

EOS Arabia Code of Conduct

This constitution is a multi-party contract entered into by the Members of EOS Arabia by virtue of their use of this blockchain.

EOS User Agreement

EOS Arabia will support and defend the governing rules set forth by the community’s democratically agreed upon EOS User Agreement (EUA). The EUA is supreme and is the only contract that binds EOS Arabia. EOS Arabia will not comply with any requests that contravene the mandate of the EUA. EOS Arabia will defend the rights of the EOS Community and the token holders.


EOS Arabia will maintain full operational and financial independence. This includes no operational control by any outside investors.

Continuous transaction processing, maintaining the network, and emergency response.

EOS Arabia will have a dedicated team maintaining infrastructure and monitoring block production to ensure service availability 24/7.


EOS Arabia will provide transparency into its operating team, shareholders, and financials. The EOS Arabia team will be transparent to the community and will seek to exceed community transparency requirements.

Amendments to our Code of Conduct

Amendments to the EOS Arabia Code of Conduct will be guided by the community’s will and will be broadcast to community members through all viable communication channels before formal enactment.

Honesty, Integrity, and Ethics

EOS Arabia as a block producer will always act with honesty, integrity, and professionalism, applying the highest level of all ethical standards in all aspects of our conduct. The EOS User Agreement is intended to act as a floor, not a ceiling, for the ethics of EOS Arabia’s conduct.

Commitment to Token-holders

EOS Arabia will engage in ongoing dialogue with the community wherever conversations are being held, regardless of the size of the stake or the number of tokens held. EOS Arabia will strive to listen, understand, and reach a consensus with the token-holder community, to the extent it is able.

Compliance with the Ricardian Contracts entered into when elected as a Block Producer.

EOS Arabia will enter into the regproducer contract when it becomes a Block Producer and is committed to complying with its terms and conditions.


EOS Arabia will welcome all opportunities to cooperate with other global Block Producers, regardless of geographic location, so long as they do not compromise its independence. EOS Arabia fundamentally believes in the benefit of cooperation to the whole ecosystem, as it allows for a more fruitful and robust blockchain community, including coordinating software upgrades, properly diversifying network infrastructure across our operating region to the extent possible, and listening to the community’s voice.

Conflict of interest

EOS Arabia team members will avoid any personal, financial, or other interests that might hinder their capability or willingness to perform their job duties.